‘Marbelous’ Wood: Suminagashi on the Floor

Experimentation, art, craftmanship, home; four words which sums up the ‘Marbelous’ Wood Project of the Danish Pernille Snedker.

Snedker Studio, in 2011, decided to modernize the Nordic wood floors with Marbelous wood, parquet flooring decorated with the forgotten pattern technique of marbling. Surprising results just by composing adding color drops on a water surface and transferring it to a material.

This year, Snedker show at Mindcraft13, an exposition as part of Milan’s furniture fair, Refraction, new colourful patterns inspired of Light refraction. To us, pure color psychosis under our feet.

Both the form of the parquet floor and the applied pattern & colours are inspired by the refraction of light through a prism, a graduating colour scale from one colour to the next.

Marbelous Wood tells a story about time. Each print on the wood captures a unique frozen moment within the process. Produced one drop of colour after another, ring by ring, the pattern is constructed on the water surface. The final result is a reflection of the annual rings of wood.

Watch this amazing artisan at work in “The Making of ‘Refraction'” (2013)  which was filmed during the making of ‘Refraction’.

Video is made by Danish Crafts 2013  in connection with the exhibition MINDCRAFT13 during Milan Design Week 2013. See more on Danish Crafts website

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