Step 5: Make the Print

Prepare the Paper

Dissolve 1/8 cup of Alum per quart of hot water. Cool to room temperature. Dip a sponge into the alum solution and sponge it on to one side of your paper very thoroughly. Lay it out flat to air dry. The paper must be treated and must be dry before it is marbled.

Make the Print

Lay the paper down onto the surface of 2-5 seconds and lift off. If you can, lay the middle down first and let the ends roll out onto the surface so no air is trapped underneath. Try to “peel” the paper off the surface. Lay the item flat or hang and gently rinse with cold water to remove excess “size”. Now lay out flat or hang to air dry.

This is just a quick introduction to the topic. There’s a lot more to say and to know. Check out our Books area for several good reads on Suminagashi and Marbling that go into greater detail and can help you get great results. Have fun!