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Best Suminagashi Book Ever


Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling by Anne Chambers Although hard to find, this is our favorite book about Suminagashi and the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates this art form. Written as an introduction to the Japanese craft of

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Suminagashi Starter Kit For the Holidays


If you love the look of Suminagashi and are ready to create your own designs, a great way to begin is with our popular Suminagashi Starter Kit supplies. It also makes a wonderful gift this holiday season or any time

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Suminagashi with Kids

sumo for kids

There are a lot of great tutorials about how easy it is to create beautiful Suminagashi artwork with kids – and how much they love doing it. From Inner Child Fun, here is a great video tutorial showing the process

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Mini Suminagashis


In an Abstract Art Fun Class (K-3rd), this children’s art teacher created mini monoprints using 4X6 photo paper. Each student had a small plastic container of water. With a small brush they floated their Sumi ink on the top of their

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Four Easy Suminagashi Projects

Suminagashi Wall

“You have to embrace the surprise” ~ Silke Stoddard, Martha Stewart Living Crafts Editor Hundreds of years before marbleizing techniques were adopted by the Europeans, Japanese masters had perfected the art. Known in Japan as suminagashi (which literally translates to “floating ink”),

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Suminagashi Woodgrains


Suminagashi can be beautiful in it’s simplicity the same way nature can be. This can be seen especially in it’s tendency to imitate a natural woodgrain pattern. This tutorial showcases this artistic effect very well.  

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Summertime Sumi


From the Land of Nod blog, a cute article about how to entertain kids this summer doing a simple suminagashi project. Messy and fun!  This activity is so simple that even T didn’t need much help (though be careful, the

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Simple Suminagashi


From Dick Blick Art Materials, this “no-fail” paper marblizing project is easy and requires very little preparation or clean-up but offers amazing results – sure to please any classroom or group. A PDF version of this lesson and a materials

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Tips for Perfecting your Suminagashi


Suminagashi marbling is relatively easy, but there are still a few things that can go wrong while you’re marbling, so here are some great tips if you’re running into trouble on your marbled paper. Problem: Ink isn’t Floating Problem: Ink rings are blurring

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Holiday Crafts using Suminagashi

Holiday Suminagashi

If you have kids, holiday arts and crafts accomplish two things. They keep kids busy when the weather is rotten (and so are they because they’re bored with nothing better to do). It’s also a way to help kids understand

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