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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Suminagashi Collection

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70’s Suminagashi Collection pays homage to the patterns used on psychedelic clothing and performance art during the late 60’s and 70’s. More than 2000 years ago, artisans discovered that suspending and swirling inks or paint on a still

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Suminagashi with Kids

There are a lot of great tutorials about how easy it is to create beautiful Suminagashi artwork with kids – and how much they love doing it. From Inner Child Fun, here is a great video tutorial showing the process

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Mini Suminagashis

In an Abstract Art Fun Class (K-3rd), this children’s art teacher created mini monoprints using 4X6 photo paper. Each student had a small plastic container of water. With a small brush they floated their Sumi ink on the top of their

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Inner Child Fun with Suminagashi

Valerie, founder and blogger at Inner Child Fun and mom of two young girls, shares an entertaining and easy weekend Suminagashi project she did with her family. Their colorful artwork turned out beautiful!

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