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DIY Marbled Office Supplies

You can easily transform your office space by printing beautiful marbled patterns onto anything from file folders to drawer fronts. Building on the suminagashi skills covered in today’s DIY business cards tutorial, a little extra prep will let you personalize standard

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SK-II is Suminagashi Inspired

Inspired by the Japanese art of marbling, known as suminagashi, SK-II’s limited edition Christmas packaging is something you’ll want to own for yourself We love Christmas not just because of the carols, decoration and general air of joviality, but because

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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Suminagashi Collection

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70’s Suminagashi Collection pays homage to the patterns used on psychedelic clothing and performance art during the late 60’s and 70’s. More than 2000 years ago, artisans discovered that suspending and swirling inks or paint on a still

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