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DIY Marbled Office Supplies

You can easily transform your office space by printing beautiful marbled patterns onto anything from file folders to drawer fronts. Building on the suminagashi skills covered in today’s DIY business cards tutorial, a little extra prep will let you personalize standard office goods with patterns that are at once both ancient and very modern.

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DIY Marbled Business Cards with Suminagashi

Liven up your business card design with the wild patterns created with suminagashi, the ancient Japanese art of marbling. The technique may be centuries-old, but the patterns it creates are refreshing and gorgeous. Besides, it is a surprisingly easy process and wonderfully meditative!

Suminagashi comes from the terms “sumi” meaning ink and “nagashi” meaning floating.

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Playing with Paper: Suminagashi and Orizome at the Met Museum

Decorative papers have a long relationship to the world of bookbinding. Marbling in particular is the most common technique associated with European books, often for the pastedowns and endpapers of handmade books. However, many people do not realize that Japanese forms of marbling existed well before the commonly known European,

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Video: Learn to Marble Paper using the Suminagashi Technique

This is an activity for people of all ages – if working with small children, use disposable cake tins for a vat and pieces of yarn instead of paintbrushes.

Basic Steps:

Simply pour water into a tray and gently touch your inked paintbrush to the surface of the water to draw the ink out.

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How to Paint on Water for Paper Marbling and Ebru Art

The marble paper is a decorated paper, that is created with a special process. The sheets of Ebru paper have been created since the 18th Century in Turkey and much earlier in China and Japan, because China invented paper. Today, the marbling paper is used for decoration and for very expensive books.

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Ebru and Suminagashi techniques combine to create a unique artwork

It starts with a basin of water covered with a thin layer of motionless, liquid paint, then add one drop of paint. Watch this artist employ an interesting combination of both Ebru and Suminagashi styles to create a beautiful and colorful works of art.

Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese technique used for painting on water,

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Suminagashi Starter Kit For the Holidays

IMG_9577.JPGIf you love the look of Suminagashi and are ready to create your own designs, a great way to begin is with our popular Suminagashi Starter Kit supplies. It also makes a wonderful gift this holiday season or any time of year.

Suminagashi Starter Kit
Here are some of the supplies you will need to start creating your own Suminagashi artwork:

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Suminagashi with Kids

There are a lot of great tutorials about how easy it is to create beautiful Suminagashi artwork with kids – and how much they love doing it. From Inner Child Fun, here is a great video tutorial showing the process and the joy of creating!

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Mini Suminagashis

In an Abstract Art Fun Class (K-3rd), this children’s art teacher created mini monoprints using 4X6 photo paper.

Each student had a small plastic container of water. With a small brush they floated their Sumi ink on the top of their water. When they were finished laying their colors,

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Four Easy Suminagashi Projects

“You have to embrace the surprise” ~ Silke Stoddard, Martha Stewart Living Crafts Editor

Hundreds of years before marbleizing techniques were adopted by the Europeans, Japanese masters had perfected the art. Known in Japan as suminagashi (which literally translates to “floating ink”), the decorative artform originated in the 12th Century. 

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