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Playing with Paper: Suminagashi and Orizome at the Met Museum

Decorative papers have a long relationship to the world of bookbinding. Marbling in particular is the most common technique associated with European books, often for the pastedowns and endpapers of handmade books. However, many people do not realize that Japanese forms of marbling existed well before the commonly known European,

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Meet the Artisan, Tokutaro Yagi

Tokutaro Yagi was the Kyoto master of Japanese marbling (suminagashi) in the 19th century. He perfected methods of floating colors and then carefully manipulated them either by blowing on them directly or through a straw, fanning the colors, or carefully using a human hair to stir the colors.  

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Best Suminagashi Book Ever


Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling by Anne Chambers

Although hard to find, this is our favorite book about Suminagashi and the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates this art form. Written as an introduction to the Japanese craft of paper marbling,

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Suminagashi Starter Kit For the Holidays

IMG_9577.JPGIf you love the look of Suminagashi and are ready to create your own designs, a great way to begin is with our popular Suminagashi Starter Kit supplies. It also makes a wonderful gift this holiday season or any time of year.

Suminagashi Starter Kit
Here are some of the supplies you will need to start creating your own Suminagashi artwork:

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