suminagashibookSuminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling: A Practical Guide

by Anne Chambers

Although hard to find, this is our favorite book about Suminagashi and the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates this art form. Written as an introduction to the Japanese craft of paper marbling, the book details both traditional and modern methods and includes step-by-step instructions on imitating traditional designs and adapting them to Western tastes. It is a wonderful addition to any library.

Marbled Paper: Its History, Techniques, and Patterns (Publication of the A.S.W. Rosenbach Fellowship in Bibliography)

by Richard J. Wolfe

For 250 years after its introduction to Europe around 1600, the method of decorating paper known as marbling reigned supreme as the chief means of embellishing the fine work of hand-bookbinders. Richard J. Wolfe reconstructs the rise and fall of the craft and offers the most comprehensive account available of its history, techniques, and patterns.  In this monumental work on marbling, Wolfe suggests that the origins of Suminagashi were simple: a calligrapher, on having washed his pen by waving it in a bucket full of water and ink remains, realized a beautiful drawing had formed on its surface. He then captured the image by retaining it on a piece of paper.

The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting  “Chieh Tzu Yuan Hua Chuan”(written 1679-1701)

by Kai, Wang ,Mai-Mai Sze (Editor)

The Mustard Seed Garden Manuel of Painting had been a standard reference book for Chinese beginners of painting for a long time (though it ceased to be so quite a while ago). It remains a valuable summary of styles and methods in traditional Chinese paintings, and is of a lot of historical interests because it represents the scope and perspective of the authors some 300 years ago. Paperback – 624 pages (February 1978).

The Sumi-E Book

by Yolanda Mayhall

Sumi-e, translated from Japanese as “ink picture,” is an ideal vehicle for teaching art to any beginner. This introduction to Sumi-e is organized simply and clearly around its four basic brush strokes. 120 illustrations. Paperback – 128 pages (October 1989).

The Art and Technique of Sumi-E : Japanese Ink-Painting As Taught by Ukai Uchiyama

by Kay Morrissey Thompson

This is an excellent book for any student of Japanese ink painting. The author’s clear instructions focus on technique as well as the spiritual side of sumi-e. The illustrations are exceptionally beautiful & worth the price alone. Paperback Reprint edition (July 1994).

Japanese Ink Painting : The Art of Sumi-E

by Naomi Okamoto

Unlike most art-instruction books, this study of Japanese ink painting is as much about philosophy and poetry as it is about putting brush to paper. Artisan Okamoto clearly describes the unique materials and techniques involved, and she beautifully illustrates each lesson. She adds sections on carving the distinctive red artist’s seal and on mounting and finishing one’s work. The highly readable writing style is personal, poetic, and inspiring. A better choice for most libraries….Well recommended. Paperback edition (August 1996).

The Ultimate Marbling Handbook : A Guide to Basic and Advanced Techniques for Marbling Paper and Fabric

by Diane Maurer-Matheson

Beautifully marbled endpapers are a familiar sight in old books, but few readers have any idea of how they are made. The technique of printing on paper using inks or paints floating on water was originally kept secret, but recent books have revealed the process. Continuing the material in her previous book, Marbling: A Complete Guide to Creating Beautiful Patterned Papers and Fabrics, this guide includes avant-garde images as well as the classic designs using Japanese suminagashi inks, oil-color marbling, and watercolor marbling. Included are troubleshooting pointers and excellent photographs of pieces by the author and other artists. Highly recommended for all crafts collections. Paperback – 144 pages (May 1999).

Marbling Techniques : How to Create Traditional and Contemporary Designs on Paper and Fabric

by Wendy Addison Medeiros

The ancient art of marbling–long confined to the endpapers of leather-bound books–is experiencing renewed interest among today’s crafters. This nicely presented book covers all the basics of marbling paper and fabric, from making your own tools to working with various types of paints to setting up your workspace. The heart of the book explains the specifics of how to create seven basic marbling patterns and how to troubleshoot technical problems, plus ways to achieve seven specialty techniques, including marbling dimensional objects. The concluding section offers ideas for several projects incorporating marbling, as well as a brief explanation about going into business selling your marbled products.Paperback – 141 pages (October 1994).

How to Marblelize Paper

by Gabrielle Grunebaum

The beautiful centuries-old craft of marbelizing – decorating paper through the use of “floating colors” – dates back to eighth century Japan. Today marbelizing is a newly popular craft, enjoyed for the exquisite and unique designs it produces (no two are alike) and its myriad of decorative applications.

 The Weekend Crafter: Marbling: Easy & Elegant Projects for Paper & Fabric

by Laura Sims

It may take only a weekend (at most) to do these projects–but be warned, they’ll get you hooked on marbling for a lifetime! Once you see and get the hang of breathtaking designs that resemble stones; that feather, wave, and undulate; and that add eye-catching dimension, you won’t want to stop. The basic process is very easy, consisting of only 8 steps, from setting up a bath for floating the paint to rinsing and drying the finished creation. You’ll learn how to choose and mix colors, produce a range of marbling patterns (their sequence and manipulations), and work with paper, fabric, and other materials. Layer different effects to enhance a print, or marble on a textured surface. Now you’re ready to make a glowing lapis lampshade, gossamer-thread silk scarf, stationery, vine-dance table runner, and many other desirable accent pieces!

The Art of Marbled Paper : Marbled Patterns and How to Make Them

by Einen Miura

Miura traces the history of paper marbling, drawing from her unrivaled collection of over 5,000 examples of the craft. This is a comprehensive source of both inspiration and step-by-step instruction. Includes 125 full-color illustrations, with additional black-and-white photography and diagrams throughout. Hardcover, 1st ed. – 160 pages(August 1991).