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DIY Marbled Office Supplies

You can easily transform your office space by printing beautiful marbled patterns onto anything from file folders to drawer fronts. Building on the suminagashi skills covered in today’s DIY business cards tutorial, a little extra prep will let you personalize standard

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Meet an Artisan, Amy Lee Segami

Two 1990s interviews with Amy Lee Segami, a Chicago fine art artist and engineer, who revived the ancient sumingashi art form years ago and created her own version of contemporary Painting On Water. Interviewed by Wild Chicago and ABC7 Chicago

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‘Marbelous’ Wood: Suminagashi on the Floor

Experimentation, art, craftmanship, home; four words which sums up the ‘Marbelous’ Wood Project of the Danish Pernille Snedker. Snedker Studio, in 2011, decided to modernize the Nordic wood floors with Marbelous wood, parquet flooring decorated with the forgotten pattern technique of marbling. Surprising results just by

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Drip by Drip by Drip by Drip on the Art of Pernille Snedker Hansen

Dripping colour onto the surface of water in a basin, waiting for form to become, letting the process grow into shape and compose the content of the artwork: Pernille Snedker Hansen’s art has to be described as processual practice–although the

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Marbelous Wood in the Danish Biennale for Crafts and Design 2011

  Not surprisingly, Pernille Snedker Hansen’s beautiful ‘Marbelous Wood’ project was nominated for the Biennial Prize in the Danish Biennale for Crafts and Design 2011. The jury’s statement: ”The very idea is striking. To marble an entire floor, using an old and

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Meet the Artisan, Pernilles Snedker Hansen and her Suminagashi Paintings

Known for creating amazing Suminagashi marbled wood at her Copenhagen based company, Snedker Studio,  Pernilles Snedker Hansen has added handprinted pieces to her collection, all inspired by the marbled wood she create in her Danish studio. Snag a print from her Amoebas, Strata,

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DIY Marbled Business Cards with Suminagashi

Liven up your business card design with the wild patterns created with suminagashi, the ancient Japanese art of marbling. The technique may be centuries-old, but the patterns it creates are refreshing and gorgeous. Besides, it is a surprisingly easy process

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What if you could paint on water? A TED Talk on Suminagashi

Ideas worth spreading… watch the only Suminagshi TED Talk given in 2009 by Amy Lee Segami at TEDxPeachtree in Atlanta. What if you could paint on water?

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Playing with Paper: Suminagashi and Orizome at the Met Museum

Decorative papers have a long relationship to the world of bookbinding. Marbling in particular is the most common technique associated with European books, often for the pastedowns and endpapers of handmade books. However, many people do not realize that Japanese forms

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Meet the Artisan, Tokutaro Yagi

Tokutaro Yagi was the Kyoto master of Japanese marbling (suminagashi) in the 19th century. He perfected methods of floating colors and then carefully manipulated them either by blowing on them directly or through a straw, fanning the colors, or carefully using a human hair to stir the

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